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From: FCC ListServ Member kuenzli
Date: Thu 16, Mar 2017
Subject: University Avenue Rehabilitation & Widening

On March 15 The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities held an open house and Q&A for the University Avenue Rehabilitation & Widening project for which construction is expected to begin this summer. I attended the open house to gather some of the latest information on the project. If you are a commuter and use University you will be particularly interested. There was much too much information to be able to include it all here so for more details please go to http://dot.alaska.gov/nreg/university/ where you will find more data, maps and information.

The project is occurring in two segments/phases. From the above link we learn that 'Segment 1 includes work from the Thomas Street intersection to just north of Geraghty Avenue. Segment 2 includes work from the southern limit of Segment 1 to the Mitchell Expressway. In addition, a portion of the Segment 1 project area is being designated as Segment 1A and slated for construction in the summer of 2017. Segment 1A involves rehabilitating the Johansen Expressway and Geist Road 'legs' of the Segment 1 project and will result in changes to traffic patterns at this intersection.' Segment 1 is roughly from Sourdough Sams' restaurant to Airport Way, starting this summer, with Segment 2 from Airport Way to the Mitchell Expressway beginning in 2020. Highlights that are of particular interest to cyclists include road widening, bridge replacement and intersection changes. At the Geist/Johansen intersection there will be two left turn lanes for traffic from every direction and two pedestrian islands on the NE and NW corners of the intersection.

Airport way will not be changed extensively but the frontage road, Marlin Street, will be changed to a cup de sac at the N.E. corner.

Commuters will be most interested to learn that previous projections for the project have held steady with 8 foot sidewalks on the west side of University, 6 foot sidewalks on the right side and 4.5 foot shoulders on both sides. There is no plan for 'BIKE' signage to be painted on the surface or other special signage to be added but cycling WILL be allowed on the shoulder. While the bridge is being rebuilt there will be a pedestrian by-pass created to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the river.

Other interesting points include the fact that there will be a raised center median that will allow u-turns at appropriate breaks in the median, additional left turn lanes at non-signal intersections, relocations of some driveways and side road improvements.

Construction is scheduled to begin June 2017 for the Geist/Johansen intersection and modifications to the Johansen near the intersection, then in 2018 work will begin from Sourdough Sams to just past the bridge. Work from the bridge to the Mitchell will begin in 2020. Follow the links above for more details.

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