Current Officers
There is flexibility in the duties of the club officers, depending on the strengths and interests of the person in office. So, one year the job of getting rides permitted might be allocated to the Prez, and the next year the Veep might do it. Such is the nature of our funky-cool organization.
President - - Rachael Kvapil - - pres@fairbankscycleclub.org
Vice-Pres - - David James - - veep@fairbankscycleclub.org
Treasurer - - Ken Smith - - treas@fairbankscycleclub.org
Secretary - - Vacant - - sec@fairbankscycleclub.org
Who We Really Are...
The club officers aren't "The Club", though. You are. The club is roughly 300 - 400 people who share a love of biking and enjoy participating in club rides and races. Out of that number, each year a handful of members volunteer their time to either serve on the board, put on races, rides, the bike swap, the fall potluck, or things like that. Do your club a favor and volunteer to put on or take over an event, help out at a race, or even take a stint as a club officer. There's no time like the present -- talk to a club officer about what you can do.
Other Positions
Web Admin - - We Don't Have One...But We Need One...

Please contact the Board if you are able to take this baby over!

Historian (office no longer held) - -
Before Al Gore invented the Internet (remember that nonsense?), the Historian was the keeper of newspaper clippings, race results, photos, articles, etc.: all things pertinent to the club. Once the club website got itself established, it was decided to vacate the office of the historian.
Club Documents, Supplies
Here you'll find our bylaws, bikeswap form, timing sheets and more.

FCC Bylaws - amended in April of 2014.

fcc-big-logo.gif - A 3208 x 1792 pixel, two color GIF version of the FCC logo. Only 40kB. Cool.

Prize ideas : Excel worksheet (.xls) - An ancient file with a few ideas for race prizes.

Bike swap form : PDF - The standard bike swap form, for 2017.

One-Day membership form - Suitable for single day membership only.  $5 per day, does not apply towards general membership.

Standard release form - Not a bad thing to have people fill out prior to a race.

Race results sheet / Timing form : PDF - Useful for timing and reporting purposes.

Event "How-To" manual - A slightly dated but useful reference for putting on an event.

Trail Marking How-To : PDF - Handy reference for trail course marking.

About our website
The site is intended to be lightweight and efficient, in terms of bandwidth. Not everyone has a cable modem these days, especially here in Fairbanks. So, keeping in mind the target audience, animations and movies and other bandwidth-hungry content is kept to a minimum.

The entire site was hand-coded using simple (but powerful) text editors like Pico and vi.

Images are original or created from scratch, others were shamelessly stolen with blatant disregard for copyright infringements. All graphics were further shaped using PaintShop Pro, an inexpensive yet powerful graphics package.

The site is hosted on a Linux server. Can't imagine why anyone would use anything but a Linux server...

How else are you going to get bugs in your hair?