2017 Season Schedule
Monthly Calendar - - This is our monthly calendar, presented in standard "monthly calendar" format. You can tinker with it too, saving it to your own calendar, or mobile device.
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Race Descriptions
Here's a selection of races for the season. Not all races necessarily appear here, so you would do well to check the monthly calendar, above. Also, some races are also rides, and some rides are also races. Nothing like being vague, huh?
Chena Hot Springs Bicycle Classic - - A ride for families and enthusiasts, and a race for you hard-core-go-fast types. It even has it's own info page.
Points Series - - Accumulate victory points by directing a series race, volunteering in a race, and (imagine!) racing in a race. Read all about it.
Rocky Dirt Series - - In memory of Rocky Reifenstuhl, we introduce the Rocky Dirt Series. Here's the details, man.
Ride Descriptions / Schedules
Here is most of, but probably not all of, our rides. You would do well to look at our season calendar to make sure you get the full picture. Some of our rides are also races, and some of the races are also rides, so be sure you look around.
Chena Hot Springs Bicycle Classic - - Both a ride and race for kids, families, enthusiasts, and hard-core-go-fast types. Here's the details.
Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Rides - - Also known as "Doug Rides" after their namesake, Doug Burnside, the Tuesday Night Rides (see the PDF schedule) are attended by mostly men and not enough women. Check the ride descriptions for ride ability levels, length, projected durations, etc. Rides tend to be more difficult as the season wears on.
Women on Wheels - - A moderate to fast-paced series of road rides for women who like to test themselves. The ride schedule gives a lot of details about rides, mileages and meeting places.
Ladies of Leisure - - A decidedly mellower version of the WOW rides. Focus is on fun and sticking together as a group. See the LOL schedule for special rides, details on course, miles, meeting places and more.
SCUM Rides - - Sounds bad, but the rides are fun. This clean group of well-attired men meet on UAF campus twice a week, and go at a pace that works for (almost) everyone. You'll have to attend a SCUM ride to find out where the name "SCUM" comes from.
Wednesday Night Road Rides - - This a group that does "50% training, 50% social", according to the ride coordinator. Meet at Mushers Hall at 6:30, figure on 20 miles.
Saturday Morning Group Road Rides - - And then there's the "Group Road Rides" which are intended for road race training. The group starts fast and then turns the screws. Anyone who wants to learn and ride hard is welcome, provided you don't mind getting dropped. No offense intended, that's just the way it goes.
Sunday Winter Rides - - Starting the first week in November and going until early April, this group meets at noon at Ivory Jacks parking lot out in Goldstream. Soft, churned snow means a slow ride, hard pack means a pretty good pace. Rides are on trail as much as possible. Figure anywhere from one to five hours, your choice. Everyone is welcome.
Other Events
Some events aren't rides or races -- they are something else altogether. Read on...
Bike Swap - - Our annual bike swap is a great way to clean out the parts bin, sell a bike, or come home with a spectacular deal.
Women's Camp - - Offered once in a while, this is a mountain bike handling and skills clinics, ladies only.
Ladie's Road Skills Clinic - - Technique and skills clinic for road riding in a group. Safety, pace lines, hill climbing and more.  Ladies only.
Fall Potluck - - Lots of food, season recap, and more food. Did we mention food?
Past Seasons
Previous Seasons:
2008 Iditarod Trail Invitational Report - - In case you want to try to ride to Nome, this account should cure you.
Iditasport Photos - - Winter riding plus endurance racing... check it out.
Boy, gas sure is expensive. Say, is that my bike?