Points Series
The 2015 Points Series is a series of road races, hill climbs, and time trials held roughly every other Thursday during the summer season. Points for each race will be awarded to the top 10 finishers. A racers 4 best results will be added together to determine the season's winner.

Scroll down for points structure, rules, races and their directors.

Cool Rules -- In addition to the 4 race requirement, each person must:

- volunteer at one of the events, and;
- volunteer at a second event, or have someone volunteer on their behalf.

So, failing to volunteer in two events (or one event and bringing a volunteer for the second) removes the racer from overall series standing.

No volunteering and racing in same race.
See how craftily we get people to volunteer?

Points Structure
Points will be awarded to participants as follows:

    1st place finish: 70 points
    2nd place finish: 60 points
    3rd place finish: 50 points
    4th place finish: 40 points
    5th place finish: 30 points
    Finishing at all: 20 points

    Race director: 60 points (only one such point award per participant per season.)
    Volunteering: 20 points

2015 Points Series Races
DateRace NameDirector
Apr 30Sheep Creek PrologueNeed director
May 13UAF Geophysical Criteriumneed director
May 28Chatanika Time Trialneed director
Jul 9Fairbanks Roubaixneed director
Jul 23UAF Sprintsneed director

- See FCC Events Calendar for locations, times and race details.
- Race is subject to FNSB air quality of "Unhealthy" or worse.
- Check the Race Results Forum for race results.
- Awards will be made after the last points series race of the season.
Mmmmm.... singletrack...