FCC Bike Swap (and Kids Bike Rodeo)
Here's the 2017 Bike Swap flyer. Print one up and post it somewhere. Grass roots publicity!

The FCC Bike Swap has been an annual event for many years, dating back to (we think) 1987. For a long while, the event was held at the Beaver Sports parking lot, under the big roof of their Outdoor Center / warehouse. Sometimes the weather has cooperated, other times we had blizzards. In recent years the swap has been held in the Pioneer Park (Alaska Land) parking lot, which is spacious, but doesn't offer any shelter. So it goes.

In general, the format is that you bring your bike-related stuff, fill out and sign some paperwork, and we sell as much of it as we can for you, for a commission. You are free to hang around or leave, your choice. At the appointed time, you come back and pick up your bucks and unsold items, and sign out. There are changes in the details from year to year, so it is always a good idea to look at the event flier, and read the consignment form in full.

Looking to buy? Buyers can do very well. Merchandise is laid out on tables, bikes are in bike racks, clothing hung on racks, and a little bit (or a lot of) everything is there. There are frequently great deals to be had. You can spend a little or spend a lot. Experts are on hand as well, to assist with advice, fit, minor adjustments and more.

The Kids Bike Rodeo appears to be fun, judging by all the kids there. It is put on by Fairbanks Volunteers in Policing. A course is set up adjacent to the bike swap, and kids can ride around the course, avoiding the cones (they run them over too), learning how to hand signal, stop, and all that good stuff. Free helmets provided by Kinross Fort Knox, and loaner bikes provided by FCC and Goldstream Sports!

Other Groups Too: Frequently, there are representatives from groups like Far North BMX, UAF Green Bikes, Tour de Cure, and so on. They'll have handouts and schedules and so on, and can answer questions about their groups.

Saturday May 13th, 2017
  • Item check-in starts at 8:30 AM, on May 13th.
  • Sales are from 10AM to noon.
  • Proceeds and unsold items can be picked up from noon to 1:30 PM.
  • FCC commission on sales is 20%.
  • Unsold bikes can be donated to UAF Green Bikes program.
Here is the 2017 Bike Swap Consignment Form. Feel free to fill the form in (neatly). Try to make your item descriptions clear and concise. Don't sign until you are checking in.

You will be provided some stickers that you can put your "Seller Number" (which we assign), item number and price on. The stickers go on the items, taped on if necessary.
For example, if you are assigned Seller Number 23, and the third item on your Bike Swap form is a pair of Lake boots for $40 dollars, the sticker would read "23-3 $40.00". Because the sticker would likely fall off a boot, you'd tie the boots together, and clear-tape the sticker securely in place, maybe around the laces. Many sellers include their last name as well, and some even include the name of the item on the sticker (if space allows).

The "Asking Price" column is what you are selling the item for, the same price as on the sticker. The "Lowest Price" column is the lowest you'll go on that item. If someone makes an offer lower than the asking price, we look at your form (the buyer does not get to see it) and check if the offer is within the limit of your Lowest Price. Leave it blank, and the Asking Price is firm.

Leave the "Sold" column blank -- we use it to track sales.

We'll have forms and volunteers at check-in, so if you'd rather fill your form out then, that's fine.

Your bike loves you.