Virtual Racing with Strava

Strava competition in Fairbanks!

Based on the popular website Strava, Fairbanks riders will have the opportunity to vitually compete against each other. You can ride the course "segment" any hour of the day. Each month we will announce the segment where the competition will take place and at the end of the month we'll announce the winner. A great local business will provide awards to the top three finishers in each category.

2015 Strava Courses
    Courses will be posted in the weekly Spoke'n'Word available on the FCC Forum.

    Results will accumulate on Strava, and overall results and rewards will be posted on the FCC Race Results Forum.

    Click here to go to the FCC Forum.

What you need to do to participate...

Go to www.strava.com and set up an account. You will also need a GPS, or GPS enabled bike computer or GPS equipped cell phone (Goldstream Sports has offered Garmin computers for FCC members to borrow as well as a desktop computer to download your data to). After you ride, download your data to your account. The "race" segment will automatically take your information and import it to the segment and rank you against everyone that has also done that segment. It's that easy.

You can do the segment as many times during the designated month you would like. You may NOT do the segment during a group ride and can NOT draft during the segment or use any motorized assistance. It must be a SOLO effort. Any cheating and you will be removed from the Strava competition and the Points Series races, and nobody will like you, ever again. Any suspicious times can be challenged by the Board at the end of the month to ensure accuracy.

Finally, if you feel the conditions are dangerous please do not do the segment at that time. The decision to participate is yours and yours alone. As conditions during the Fairbanks summer vary, please make good decisions about whether to participate on any given day.

You do not have to use a Garmin bike computer. If your smart phone is GPS compatible that will work too. Use something like www.mapmyride.com, or even Strava has an app you can use to map.

April's segment will be a PRACTICE segment and will NOT count in overall standing.

If you have a segment suggestion please let me know at sec@fairbankscycleclub.org.

Ride on you crazy diamond...