Summit/Skyline/Hotlicks? ride 13 by Sheryl

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Summit/Skyline/Hotlicks? ride 13 by Sheryl

Post by chris » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:35 pm

LOL ride # 13, July 13th ride report:
Seventeen riders (2 pods) departed the UAF parking lot in a balmy 77 degrees F.
No one was particularly wanting to breathe hard given the particulate matter was in the 113 range AND this was the Summit ride (exactly the way it sounds).
Somehow, we managed to convince ourselves that going up Skyline and down Summit was infinitely preferable to the reverse route. However there's always someone who wants to make the rest of us look bad, and decides to do the reverse of the reverse. Too bad her fiance's such a good influence and encouraged her to go for the Summit (kudos for not listening to us A.S.).
We had a rare guest appearance from G.D., who unfortunately flatted. It would have been helpful for her to know her tubes were not there, at all, nada. A minor change the bike shop forgot to mention, when they were solving the problem of multiple flats the previous season. TIP if you hear air hissing from a tubeless tire, stop the bike and spin the wheel, there's a good chance the hole will reseal itself. If the bead has popped this won't help and you're going to need a CO2 cartridge or gas station air pump to re-set it. (I only know this from experience riding trails titled "Cactus Battle" and the like). Also it really helps if the bike shop gives you a heads up. Please come back G.D.!
As per usual, ride routes and distances were creative, but it was basically an 18 mile ride with "minus miles" for deviations to Hotlicks and "double miles" for hills.
1 Farmer's Loop mile = 2 Skyline miles = 3 Summit Drive miles
Up not down!
1 scoop = negative 10 road miles
Everyone was back at the parking lot for snacks by 7:45 PM.

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