Last LOL ride of 2017 season by E.B.

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Last LOL ride of 2017 season by E.B.

Post by chris » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:28 pm

50s with light rain/drizzle and 13 riders dressed to ride in the wet conditions showed up for the final 2017 ride. Right as I drove over to UAF parking lot, it started to rain. No dry riding this week! Everyone who came to ride had wonderful smiles and awesome attitudes. The group was split on where to ride, half rode the Airport-Dale Rd route, the other half rode to Cripple Creek-Isberg and back. I was in the group that rode out Goldhill, up Parks, down Cripple Creek, turned around right before Isberg, and headed back to the UAF parking lot for a nice wet, out and back. Each pass by B.E. house on Goldhill we yelled out for her to come out and join us! She never joined us. Someone who rode the Airport route will have to report on how that was.
Both groups arrived back at the parking lot around the same time. Tasty homemade cookies, a sliced up pepper, Milano cookies and goldfish crackers filled our tummies at the end (thanks to the LOL who brought those treats!) Don't forget to clean your bikes before putting them away! My bike was pretty filthy, I may have been dirtier though. 😊🚴🏻‍♀️😄Enjoy the post-ride group photos!
Thanks everyone for a great season! It has been a pleasure riding with you all. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter and hope to see many or all of you Spring 2018! Until the snow flies, keep on riding!

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