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Brown Leaf Classic - Sept 24 UAF Ski Trails - POTATO FIELDS

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:13 pm
by Christopher
The second annual Brown Leaf Classic is ready to roll. This year there will be two races; the first is Sunday, September 24 at the POTATO FIELD on the UAF Ski Trails. The second will be at Birch Hill Sunday, October 1. Cross / mountain / fat bikes are all welcome. Both days racing starts at 11a. Fields will start according to class size. Some classes may be combined with others to have a more competitive race. Course will go around the Potato Field and onto Midnight Express Ski Trail. With a few trips through the woods the course distance will be approximately 1.25 miles per lap with about 150' of elevation gain. You can expect multiple laps.

OPEN MEN - Race will be approximately 45 minutes
OPEN/MASTERS/SPORT - Race will be approximately 35 minutes
SPORT/MASTERS MEN - Race will be approximately 35 minutes
JUNIOR RACERS - Race will be approximately 25 minutes
LITTLE PEOPLE - Race will be approximately 10 minutes

Helmets and club membership are required. Once the minimum number of racers is achieved start times for each class will be announced. Registration is here; ... lassic-uaf

There is a $5 charge per rider for the race and an additional $.30 charge that goes to the registration provider. Youth (13 and over) and Little People Racers (12 and under) are free.

****CURRENT ROSTER (as of Sept 24 at 8a)****


Jonathan Keill Fairbanks, AK
Riley Troyer Fairbanks, AK
Tyson Flaharty Fairbanks, AK
David Fee Fairbanks, AK
Phil Schaefer North Pole, AK
Andrew Weller Fairbanks, AK
Wes Wagner Fairbanks, AK
Patrick Terhune Fairbanks, AK
Matt Glover North Pole, AK
Joel Buth Fairbanks, AK


David O'Rear Fairbanks, AK
Peter Delamere Fairbanks, AK
Sam Delamere Fairbanks, AK
Greg Kahoe Fairbanks, AK
Jordan Laker-Morris Fairbanks, AK
Eric Troyer Fairbanks, AK
Jacob Forsstrom Fairbanks, AK
Luke Buth Fairbanks, AK
Eric DiFolco Fairbanks, AK
Nicholas Buth Fairbanks, AK


Alisabeth Thurston-Hicks Fairbanks, AK
Rachael Kvapil Fairbanks, AK
Britt Rozier Fairbanks, AK
Amanda Byrd Fairbanks, AK
Sarah Conn Ester, AK
Julie Rodriguez Fairbanks, AK
Anna Wagner Fairbanks, AK

JUNIOR (13 - 17)

Hannah Delamere Fairbanks, AK
Anna Wagner Fairbanks, AK
Kajsa Wagner Fairbanks, AK
Ellie Buth Fairbanks, AK
Hjelle Personius Fairbanks, AK