Off Road Trikes

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Off Road Trikes

Post by Soren » Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:07 am

It's been a long time since I was active in this group, but I plan to remedy that this coming spring/summer. But let me get to the point of this thread.

I am in the process of planning and getting a trike built for the purpose of exercising (got 100lbs to loose), and riding back trails and roads for my photography/video using still cameras, drones, and 360 cameras during rides. I am down to two options for base frame. An ICE Full FAT (
), or an HP Velotechnik fs 26 Scorpion Enduro ( ... dex_e.html ). Both sites have videos available, but for the HP Scorpion you need check out the link here for Franziska Meyer ride on a single track on it ( ... ark.42532/ ).

Now why I linked to the video's is to show what these trikes are capable of. As I am not currently aware of the current trail conditions (especially with all the water we have had the last two summers) I am attempting to get feedback on what you (our current active cycle community) think would work best for my current project riding on the trails, and mine roads in the area. I realize many of you don't ride trikes at all, which is another reason I linked the videos (to educate). But those of you who do ride the trails regularly throughout the winter/summer will have a better idea of what conditions I will be faced with this coming spring/summer.

So my goals are to ride on back trails, roads, as well as sometimes on bike paths (paved and non paved). I also plan on setting up a trainer at work with it, to get my legs in shape for the spring. I may want to hook up a trailer and do some touring, but that wont be in my immediate future. And if I get the Full Fat, that means I will likely need to purchase a second trike for that purpose, as a fat trike would be inefficient for longer tours on roads. The HP scorpion would be more of an all around trike that could handle roads and trails but does not have the clearance for really rough terrain. But is one I can swap out tires for street riding easily, and has lower center of gravity for higher speed downhill turns. Where the ICE Full Fat would be more for snow, and rough obstacle traversing but has too high of a center of gravity for doing anything fast. It's the poke along at a slower pace, but easily crawl over obstacles. Either way I will be putting panniers on to carry my image capture equipment plus basic emergency supplies. I may in the future purchase two trikes, but for now my budget is for only one. As these are not cheap and both start at over 5k before mods. And I expect to hit 8k before I am finished.

So I am asking for your thoughts those of you who live and ride the trails here. As I will be making an order soon as they take awhile to get built (they custom build). Thanks to all who provide constructive input.

Søren Melchior

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Re: Off Road Trikes

Post by tclark » Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:37 pm

Good seeing you the other day, nice trike you got there.
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